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Client Info
By signing up with Credit Advisors you have taken a positive step in the control of your financial destiny. From now on we will be helping you gain control of your finances, not the other way around.
Your Client Number:
Your Phone Number: 1-888-942-9027 (Toll Free)
The Creditor’s Number: 1-402-501-8234 (for them to call us)
Western Union Dealer Locator: 1-800-325-6000
If a creditor calls you, tell them you are now with a consumer credit counseling agency and that they should call 402-501-8234. Make sure to tell them your client number.

The first 90 days are the toughest! You’ve got to be patient and make all your payments on time every time!

Making all your payments on time is very important and timely payments are crucial;  If you miss a payment with us the creditors will continue to call or send harassing letters. This is very frustrating if you’re just getting started with us. We can’t do our job if you don’t send in full payments every time.

When you sign up with Credit Advisors we send out notice to all your creditors call “proposals”. These go out from one to two days after you make your first payment. Warning! It is not uncommon that some of your creditors will claim they never received a proposal from us. Sometimes one of your creditors will need to be sent 2 or 3 proposals for the plan “to stick”. If a creditor calls you and says they never heard of us, (even though we may have sent them a proposal or two) get their name and their fax number…. we’ll immediately fax them a proposal for you.

Will my payments ever have to change? The amount of your payment plan was based on a number of factors, among them being your total indebtedness as well as the types of debt you have. Although it’s relatively rare, we will sometimes have to raise your payment, but usually only by a few dollars.

Usually after 45 days, most of your credit card statements will show that you’re accepted on their credit counseling plan. Usually after 3 monthsyou’ll notice interest reductions on your credit statements (if the creditor offers interest reductions). Look at your statements to verify balances every month. If something looks unusual please let us know. Help us to help you. The first 90 days, take careful note of how each creditor responds to the proposed plan.
EFT – (Electronic Funds Transfer or Checking Account Deduction)
If you’ve signed up with EFT that’s great. If you haven’t, it’s absolutely critical that you get your payments to us on time. If you have a checking account, signing up with EFT is mandatory. If you don’t we suggest that you open up a checking or savings account so we can start automatically withdrawing.
If you’re late with a payment or if your EFT bounces, you’ll want to go to your nearest Western Union Office to make a payment. Ask for the blue quick collect form. It will ask you for the “code city”. The code city for Credit Advisors is BENEFIT, NE.   After you make your payment to the Western Union Office we receive certified funds in our office minutes after you send it! If you don’t know your nearest Western Union office you can call them at 1-800-325-6000.

We’ve been in business for over 40 years and work with all your creditors. We have most creditor address on file but it is very important that you provide us with correct address and account number information for each and every creditor.

If you are getting  calls from your creditors, chances are you’re running pretty late on your bills. Simply tell the collector that you are now enrolled in a credit counseling agency and that they should give us a call at 402-501-8234. Most collectors are happy to hear that you’re now in counseling. However, occasionally you’ll encounter a nasty creditor that claims they won’t take payments from us. Get the person’s name and number and we’ll give them a call.

Do not give in to any collector pressure and pay them directly. Doing so will cause you to be dropped from the counseling program. You must be firm but polite to any collector. They must work through us if they are to receive any money.

Do not give the creditors your toll free number. We have to refer these calls back to you if they come in on this line.


If you haven’t signed up with EFT or payroll deduction and you miss a payment, we can’t be held responsible if creditors still call you. So please, make all payments on time!