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Debt Management Services
Debt Management Services
How a Debt Management Plan simplifies your life:
To get you on the road to debt-free living, we will:
  • Consolidate ALL overdue bills and debts into ONE affordable payment.
  • Contact all your creditors to establish payment plans.
  • Manage all future communication with creditors for you.
  • Handle all payments and record keeping for you.
The benefits of using Credit Advisors:
  • No more nagging calls and letters from creditors.
  • You reduce total debt payments sometimes by as much as 50 percent.
  • We can often reduce interest payments and penalties getting you out of debt quicker.
  • We work WITH your Creditors. Unlike debt settlement, the creditors are on board with this plan.
How Credit Advisors helps you erase debt simply.
Our debt elimination plans are often the fastest and cheapest way to get out of debt. We contact everyone you owe money to and work out a payment plan with each of them based on what you can afford to pay. You make just one monthly payment to Credit Advisors and we pay all of your bills. It’s that easy.
A Credit Advisors bonus.
At the successful completion of the program, Credit Advisors will be happy to act as a credit reference for you. Many of our clients go on to buy their first home after they complete our program.
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