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How can you get people out of debt so fast?

Credit Advisors Foundation puts the "management" in Debt Management Plan.
  • Reduced interest rates allow more of the money you have available to be applied towards the balance
  • When late charges are waived, that allows $25 to $35 more to be applied toward the balance instead of being applied to fees
  • Regular and consistent payments create a steady decrease in the balances on your accounts
  • Once a payment is set as an affordable amount, it is never reduced even if the minimum payment due decreases so that more money goes toward the balances.
  • As soon as one creditor is paid in full, their allotted payment moves on to the "next in line" creditor to increase the amount the "next in line" creditor receives. More goes toward the balance of the "next in line" creditor accelerating the balance pay-down of that account.
What all of these points have in common is the word "balance". Our focus is on reducing the balances of your accounts as quickly as you can afford with the cooperation of your creditors. It's a team effort. This is why a debt load where you are struggling to make minimum payments will drag out for 20 to 25 years can be eliminated in less than 5 years.

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